David completed two courses under my instruction. Both classes were part of the curriculum for his degree program - Information Technology Network Administration. The ITS1103 Ethics & Information Technology began on 2/17/11 and completed on 3/26/11. This course focused on ethics in IT and David stated that he would have taken this course regardless since working in the IT field requires individuals to develop an understanding of what types of behavior is considered ethical or not. In addition, this course offered students the opportunity of how to think critically and consider the consequences of one's actions. David shared that he found this class to be beneficial since it is imperative to consider the ethics of everyone's actions with regard to the management of sensitive company information.

The second class, ITS3105 - Programming II, began on 7/16/12 and completed on 8/22/12. This particular course offered students the opportunity to learn how to develop computer programs using Visual C++ in the Visual Studio development environment. David performed well in both of these courses, as per his transcript. David completed work assignments in a timely fashion, was proactive in the online discussion fora, and exhibited signs of a conscientious student. In this field of study, David stated that he might be tasked with having to create programs for network systems and felt that these programming courses would prove beneficial in the professional work place. He has added some examples of the program code developed during these courses in his website portfolio to assure his audience that he is familiar with the concepts of programming.

Karen Barrett

Instructor, South University

Photo Nevada