Once upon a time in a company far far away, I started my IT career in technology sales. The various sales jobs gave me the opportunity to learn many different facets of technology, from internet connectivity and VoIP, to network equipment and infrastructures. I found I had a passion to learn more in this field. This put me on the educational journey to return to school and get my bachelor's degree in information technology network management and administration and I have not regretted it in the least. I continue to have an intense desire to learn and grow in my talents. Through my schooling and work experience, I have created programs in C++, Visual Basic, C#, and others. I have also created databases using SQL, Oracle 11g, and MYSQL, to name a few. I have also created websites, such as this one, using HTML and JAVA, along with creating project network diagrams. I wish to continue to progress in these areas and expand my technical knowledge.

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